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Welcome to Brox Tech Ltd
BROX TECH Ltd. Innovation has always been--and will continue to be--part of our DNA.
Brox Tech Ltd. through the development of our fully automated trading software, we've consistently delivered outstanding results. Our innovative approaches and flawless reputation have attracted to our ranks a number of the top automated cryptocurrency trading platform who demonstrate excellent long-term performance

Secure Platform from a Proven Company

24/7 Account Access for Withdraws

Upto 9% Referral Commissions Over 3 Levels

Unique Technology

Brox Tech Ltd. is a unique technology trading company that specializes in the development of automated trading software in the crypto currency.

Long Term Success

In the last 4 years, we've upgrade more than 100 software versions that have been successful in long-term tests

Our Experience

In Our World-class development team has over 2 Decades of experience, and has developed automated software systems for several of the most reputable brokers.

How Does It work
BROX TECH Ltd. is a Unique and promising automated crypto currency Trading platform. Which is able to provide long-term earning prospect, people who are discovering new opportunities, seeking to gain financial Well-being.

We offer a uniquely developed two stage system of earning. The program Has 2 Short term Plans 3.25% daily to 6% Daily Investment deposit can work from 50 days to 32 days. The life of The Deposit affects his great interest rate and the final total earning

Brox key
  • 3.25%
  • daily for
    50 working days
  • Min. deposit: 35 usd
  • Max. deposit: 4999 usd
Brox optimal
  • 6%
  • daily for
    32 working days
  • Min. deposit: 5000 usd
  • Max. deposit: Unlimited

In system of affiliate earnings includes a multi-level program from contributions of partners. Once your partner from any of three lines will make a deposit. Earnings will be added to the section with affiliate panels. Each income is accruing for 24 hours in real-time from the time of the deposit partner of one of the lines.

First level
From Partner deposits
Second level
From Partner deposits
Third level
From Partner deposits
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Our Mission
Our business is built around our customers. So every bit of our knowledge and expertise is passed down to you through our software and our service. We commit to the continuous development and improvement of our software with the goal of providing a consistent return on your capital far into the future

Exchange crypto currency between users, user-friendly interface, protection of the parties using the deposit, no commission.


Opinions and expert advice, daily news feed.


The company provides 3-level income and 3 partner statuses.


Profit understandable in all languages!


A unique environment created by the resources of BROXTECH. It was never easier to promote a harmoniously constructed block chain service!


protection against DDoS-attacks and TLS-encryption.


Guarantee of stable development of the project and the crypto currency of BROXTECH.


Platform with fully automated services.


Maximum transparency for investors.


Convenient cabinet - with a large range of tools, the interface is accessible and simple for any user.

Ask Question?

How high is my risk?

We use unique algorithms and a conservative trading strategy to greatly minimize the risk to our users. In the worst case scenario, trading can be immediately halted at any time by stopping the software

How do I get started?

Simply click one of the "Get Started Now!" buttons on this page and register for FREE!

Where is the company based?

The company Brox Tech Ltd. registration number 11150403, has its headquarters in UK

Who is allowed to register and participate in this investment project?

The minimum age is 18 years as the participants according to law must have full legal capacity

When do accruals to my deposit start?

All accruals are carried out once a day. You can follow them in your personal cabinet

How to become a member of the referral program?

It is enough to be a registered participant in the project. Your referral link is stored in your personal cabinet

Do I have to have an active deposit to profit from the referral program?

No, you must not

How quickly after registration does the investor need to make a deposit?

At any convenient time. After registration, you can carefully study the conditions of the service plans and only after that make the deposit

How many levels are there in the referral system?

There are three levels in the referral system of our project; this will allow you to make profit from sub-referrals

Is the investor obligated to provide reliable information about himself?

No, you can remain anonymous and decide what information to Provide


We're loving it.



It's all good. No matter where you go, Brox tech trading is the coolest, most happening thing around!


Dmitry Zakharov  

I didn't even need training. It's really wonderful. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding platform. Just what I was looking for.



It's the perfect solution for our business.



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